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The 2 year story

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  • The 2 year story

    Hiding, whispering, watching
    Through peephole in the wall
    Wondering what has happened,
    And when the next will fall

    Darkness, it surrounds the room
    Of concrete, dust, and wood
    Huddling up to stay alive
    And hoping life's still good

    Shhh and quiet is all that's there
    Nobody knows of this place
    Through bombs and searches, it stays still
    Like the turtle in a race

    Games are played in soft delays
    The writing soon begins
    Which through the years...continue
    Until the telltale end

    For on that cloudy, forgotten day
    The strangers came so fast
    And in the quiet hiding place
    Comes chaotic sounds at last

    All at once, the room is still
    But sound of breathing, not
    For through the days of terror,
    It's quiet place is caught

    A as the months flew by in vain
    It soundly stays the same
    Until a man picked up the book
    That brought the world to shame

    Inside lay the journey hard
    The tears, the laughs, the cries
    The story traveled through the world
    And opened up its eyes

    This simple book, so worn and torn
    For everyone to see
    was written by a girl named Anne
    A child like you and me

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    I suspect that we are beginning to forget the meaning of Anne's story in this new century. Hope your poem reaches more than a few.


    • #3
      Good feel, good pace... unforced... well done


      • #4
        A lovely tribute to Anne Frank’s life, thanks for sharing.


        • #5
          You brought that time to life again. Beautifully done.