Inside the head of a sleepy giant
I spend my days
But he is always tired
Lights barely gets through
His mind is fired
I live inside of it
I do admire
The inner beauty
When he is sighing
Them sirens screaming
But I am not buying
His words for nothing
He's casually lying
When things get quite
He wouldn't call a riot
His mind will do
Without getting through
It'll burst to pieces
Trying to figure out who ?!
And how?! And why?!
But God! He never moves
He stays the same
It's older part of town too
And when his days get gloomy
He sleeps , while his mind gets screwed
And when his days are brighter
Mind leaves him for a thing or two
To think of you
And thank me too
For times when I am not here
You are happy too
And you start to believe in
Everything you knew
Hold on my friend old giant
We have a talk to do
You do know when I am here
You hate your fellows too
That fact that nothing's moving
And will never do
The fact that fellow neighbour
Shot his wife this noon
And told about it later
When he talked to you

He thinks ,
he does it with my help ,you see
He blinks,
but thoughts are feeling empty still
Because I know
He wants to let me go
But can't say nothing
He won't put up a show
Till snow falls
We will have our talks
Even his folks
Now think he lost some rocks
His constant mumble
Of words without a spell
Makes others wonder
If he is one with hell
Weeks, days past in his tries
His mind won't leave
So he starts to cry
And when he stops
This spring to clear his eyes
It will be gone
So giant can see skies