Yelling is heard from the depth of thought.
A scream peirces the shadow of perception.
Are we condemned to fade away and rot?
Is life full of twists and deception?

When left alone our minds race.
Humans try to grasp, what cannot be captured.
Our world spins, and reality keeps the pace.
Death in a thought only leaves us raptured.

Will we lie, unmoving, unthinking, un-living?
Will life of color and sound be smothered and put to rest?
The end result is not known, death is simply unforgiving.
Enduring this life not knowing, is the greatest test.

There can only be one goal to this life of ours.
Taking in the knowledge and experiences, that leave our minds expanding.
To love with the understanding that life has a set number of hours.
Then you die, and life as you know it has forever left you without understanding.