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  • You Understand Me

    People don't want to understand.
    They only want to understand what makes sense.
    Logic and reality kicks in,
    But where's the sense in that if heartbreaks and losses goose bump your skin?
    The smile in photos,
    ninety-five percent of them aren't real.
    Never understood why people try to force an unemotional feel.
    You listen to the words that come out of my mouth,
    But never listen with your heart.
    You're just silent and afraid;
    Instead you look for grammar errors rather than connecting.
    It's okay, we all go through pain.
    They speak and teach to us in mono
    Yet I write and act in love.
    Build up so many tall walls,
    They came crumbling back down-
    The state of emotional absence isn't humane at all.
    Never understood why forgiveness was so hard.
    Is being wrong, so wrong?
    We make mistakes.
    Either hold on to the grudge or move on.
    Never understood why people just don't listen.
    Is my life so dull?
    Where did you come from?
    How did you glisten?
    People don't understand that every candle wasn't always fully lit.
    Drizzling rain, unremarkable wind, days we are just dim?
    We all kindle, but are we really 100% to our biggest flame?
    Tell me how did you do it?
    What makes you happy? If happiness wasn't in material?
    What makes you happy? If happiness wasn't in friends?
    What makes you happy? If happiness didn't come from money?
    Better yet what makes you sad? If happiness isn't the trend?
    Never underwood the laws of hate.
    That just isn't us.
    People are upset within their own families, or because they didn't have one.
    You should be proud,
    To stand where you are,
    To feel what you do,
    To go through pain and let it all out;
    Becoming something better than what you're use to.
    Don't be what caused your pain in the first place.
    You will never understand who you are in the end.
    Find happiness in yourself first.
    Children, teens, adults, seniors-
    That they are too, a piece of this land.
    Something so original that people can relate.
    Originality that originated from the same humanity.
    I spill my guts writing this poem
    With my heart and a pen.
    My poems,
    Are more than words.
    They make your mind work,
    Your heart feel abnormal.
    Makes your stomach unfurl.
    Makes you weak to your knees,
    And makes you question if it's true...
    A blinded emotional state of mind,
    if your memories didn't touch you.
    Logic and reality is kicking in,
    but in the back of your head, this entire time you were listening.
    Word by word,
    feel by feel,
    Probably closing your eyes, anxiety on the rise
    Because happiness brings pain,
    And pain is real.
    And if you understand,
    let somebody who doesn't understand know.
    There's more to life than picture perfect.
    Stop blinding yourself with denial and let it go.
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