I’d like to say, when very young
That I was unconcerned;
But always in this soul of mine
Was a need to learn.

I’d like to say, I thought not,
Of others, but I did;
But not enough, it turned out
Did I ever use my wits.

I covered so much ground,
Thought knowledge was so rare -
Didn’t know it could be found
Around me, everywhere.

I have been so thoughtless,
I didn’t mean to be unkind,
Now, how things come back to me,
In prose first, then in rhyme.

I’ve finally found my way
And I’ve come to understand,
Me and you, we and they,
Are a family of man.

If I’d looked at you more
I think I would have seen,
The thing I had been looking for
Was Found… I looked at me.