I am a good man
I mean I should , man
Shouldn't I be ?
You're quite rude , man

I think I am pretty decent
since the recent
Timing been pretty hard
But you don't want to listen

They say they done with me
They say they fed up
They say that I'am no good
They say I am a mad man

They looked for me in every country ,
With no boundaries
I am everywhere ,
But what the harm is ?

Darkest of the harvest
Running through my finest
Collection of the brightest
Speeches in my gun set

Let me be ,
What I want to be
Leave me be ,
It's your democracy
Let me see the world
With my own eyes
I just want to be sure
Freedom's my only crime

But lies between us
Put cries between us
Only agenda that is left
Is that I leave this scene
And my obscene visions
Only caused collisions
Between us
Now she has left me be

And all alone
in these rooms of darkness
I am still searching for answers
where I find my heart?! Please!!

Please tell me
Where it is !!
Stolen in a saloon
I bet it is !

3 horsemen are chasing me
My heart's racing ,
soul's escaping me
1 thought left ,
What would they leave of me ?
I don't know
I think I'd rather be
Still alive
When my children grow
And still strive
When I got to go
Slow show , 5 shots ,
I am not bulletproof
2 horsemen are dead,I knew it was you

She came down from the highest horse
She sat near me ,
she said there's no remorse
She said that there's nothing left between us
And than took up a gun,
she said its only business

That's when I reached
For my last bullet
I wasn't sure
But damn, I pulled it
Now she's shot dead ,
Laying near me
Sir please tell me what is my fault
If I am living still