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"Thoughts to stain your mind"

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  • "Thoughts to stain your mind"

    We call him lord god and savior,
    The creator of all of this, All of it,
    From human beings to the tallest cliffs,
    Maybe my view's obscene sometimes I think its all a myth.
    But then I pinch myself and ask my conscience how we all exist.
    This question I've asked and asked,
    I think the answer is to call it quits, but how?
    When its like alcohol is to my frolic clique - an addiction.

    I've yet to decipher what this novel is all about.
    Annotated as I mentally gobbled small amounts .
    Eventually cobbled,
    But due to dissension, intent to mention
    Had toppled.
    It seems am hampered,
    A bit expressive this fiend,
    With ease I'm angered,
    So I planted that question expecting to reap an answer.
    Maybe with that seed I've tampered,
    Cause it as yet to sprout a stem.
    His aggression he lets it out,
    profanity exits out his mouth again,
    Insanity's next to spout,
    he wrecks his house,
    Calamity would pest without,
    The termination of doubt.
    I kindly depict what determination
    have spout...
    "A super natural force exist"

    But that's what I'm never babbling bout.
    Was busy battling doubts,
    Till staggering clouts,
    shattered and wrecked.
    See I could frazzle or flout,
    But I rather invest,
    Paddle in checks that or in debt.
    So I hassled and vowed,
    was baffled I slouched,
    But rapped and amount,
    To a lyrical first aid kit,
    I believe my lyrics could persuade pricks.
    I can feel it spirit, so til everybody on this surface's fixed?
    Imma keep spitting to pervade tips.

    Black people!
    Y'all on my TV not knowing how to act,
    But how to pack.
    Y'all plowed a gap!!!
    voices be as loud as that.
    Our mentallity's about who got the loudest batch.
    Latest creps and out gats.
    When we got a choice to reap,
    though we got to fight to eat
    We rather hoist a piece, riot and beef!
    Why? I'm thinking clouded caps.

    Now, i didn't say this to cause debate,
    But i believe our ancestors masters, made us animals we are today!

    My theory's this:
    Constantly preaching that "superior ish.
    Resulted in a brand of inferior pricks.
    Difference is I got my serial chipped.
    But barely experienced bliss,
    Cause of what shade my exterior is.
    Serious ish, I've had it!! period quit!!!

    We were never list or meant to be equal beings.
    Being Equal seems, a bit immense.
    But I'll ever resist resent of peace between, races, I'm racing to convince more!
    I mean, what do we have a conscience for?
    Its an inner conference,
    You should conference! with your conscience, more!
    You could title this nonsense! but I believe that the lack of conscience's why content of their consent's war!!!
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