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  • Understanding Me

    Understanding me

    Enlighten me...elude light
    Make it clear as if I have exceptional sight
    Understanding me!

    Greet me with open an open heart
    Let them all see without
    wondering... without doubt
    Understanding me!

    Make it clear
    Bright and sunny... as the noonday sun
    A rainbow's hope... at the end of a raging storm
    Understanding me!

    Sustain me... the air I need to breathe
    Place me above not underneath
    I need to know... I'm who you want at the end of day
    Understanding me!

    Unsure... unsafe to step out on faith
    Make me comfortable and secure... longing to belong
    So I'm not afraid to tag along
    Understanding me!

    My offer of acceptance to you...
    Makes every dark corner bright
    Clarity, brilliant, sparkle... again light
    Understanding me!

    I'd like for you to be... comprehensive, considerate, strong...
    Patient, thoughtful, kind
    Understanding... we can create something that's one of a kind
    Understanding me!

    You, me... together, free
    Free from confusion
    Free from strife
    Free from darkness... yes, shedding light
    Understanding me!