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mere words our hearts won't bind (understanding poem)

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  • mere words our hearts won't bind (understanding poem)

    Words used to bring me solace
    comfort when written, spake or read
    now they strike harsh and callous
    or fall short, flat, empty… dead
    I thought I knew what words meant
    and still as far as i can tell
    they’re just symbols for the real thing
    feelings i thought that i had felt
    now I’m forced to feel these things
    much different than before this
    as i start to know what heartbreak means
    what fear and loss and hurt is
    but you showed me what love means
    unconditional, best unspoken
    you showed me what strength is
    smiled for me though you were broken
    you embodied empathy
    you hurt when we were hurting
    and now i see that brevity
    can be greatly disconcerting
    you told me to let it go
    when petty things perturbed me
    to take a deep breath in through the nose
    and let out the mouth the worry
    you held me when i'd come undone
    you said forever and always your baby i'd be
    you were proud of who i'd become
    despite the road i chose that lead me to me
    you're so much more than just my mum
    and our beloved gramma jamma
    only now can i see the sum
    hindsight's a panorama
    you knew well what mattered most
    was not stuff or junk or things
    but to love and cherish and hold close
    each other through good and bad life’s bound to bring
    you had a way about you mum
    thats rare to say the least
    one of a kind, you leave behind
    much, though your time has ceased
    and when again i see you
    semantics we won't mind
    because then and when i see you
    mere words our hearts won't bind