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i didn't know any better (understanding poem)

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  • i didn't know any better (understanding poem)

    i just didn’t know any better
    i yearned to be loved
    but didn’t know what that meant

    so i sought what i knew
    and now the years i have spent
    doing everything wrong, left a weight piled on
    my heart and my mind became fettered
    the first sinks all the time
    tick-tock the clock chimes
    not a nursery rhyme its the measure

    the other lowers in shame
    as she calls me by name
    not a duck or a goose, this isn’t a game
    but i run anyway
    in circles and back to the place that i started
    to pick up the pace and slack that i parted with
    too late i realize i’m holding onto a grudge
    the death of my innocence is a burden to budge
    yet i trudge and i muster the strength up to drudge
    to carry the corpse of could-be-me to the judge
    i blame myself for her death
    i wasn’t the one

    who struck the first blows
    but since then all i've done
    is add balls to the chains of my fetters
    doing what i was shown
    and if only i’d known
    but i just didn’t know any better
    and now that I do, I don't know what to do
    I don't know how to put it back together
    I see still, i don't know any better

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