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  • "Dad"

    He sits down in a chair
    Picks up his phone

    The phone that he never uses
    But right now it's on

    His thoughts are deep
    His thoughts are loud like a street

    He thinks about friends that never made it
    And he takes a sip

    He thinks about
    Anything his heart allows

    He wish his friend wasn't inprisoned
    And he wish they bound

    During the last drink that they had
    They walked a mile

    But now they seem too much apart
    It doesn't bring him smile

    He thinks about all the hardships
    Of his mother -cu'untry

    His finger is still on his phone
    But thoughts are there to doubt it

    He really wants ,
    He wants to make this call

    But what to say?
    He has so much to say this fall

    To his own son
    To child only one

    So much to say
    But hard to say at once

    He dials slowly
    Than waits for a beep

    It takes too long
    He's anxious , heart just skipped a beat

    Another second
    And his son replies

    He barely hears him
    From overseas it's fine

    And all two men say to each other
    Right before they cry

    They say I love you to each other
    "Connection got declined"

  • #2
    A well-told, sad tale of how communication among loved ones suffers with neglect, Mark. Would Cain and Abel been any better off with today's technology? I doubt it. Maybe it's a man-thing.