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The Beauty Of Her Heart

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  • The Beauty Of Her Heart

    A world with wars,
    And cancers without cures.
    A world where children die hungry and cold,
    Where women are sold.
    A place where fathers walk away,
    Where mothers are too high to play.
    Tell me how I can make my baby understand a place so unfair.
    A place so unjust, filled with despair.

    I cannot hide from her,
    A world with so much hurt.
    I cannot keep her pure.
    I can only try not to let the world pervert,
    The beauty of her heart.
    Help her build up her own rampart.

    In a world where murderers go free,
    And souls are lost and weary.
    Where kids are killing kids,
    And freedom is sold to the highest bids.
    Where babies are having babies of their own,
    And children are left all alone.
    A world where men that gave their lives,
    Aren't even recognized,
    And those that made it home,
    No respect is shown.
    They're told to get a job and spat on in the streets,
    No one considering all they gave, or any of their feats.

    How can I make my baby understand,
    Why there's so much pain in this land.
    How do you tell your child justice is rare?
    How do explain that the world isn't fair?

    I will do my best to make her understand she can be the change in this place.
    When she's standing, staring injustice in the face,
    She doesn't have to accept things the way they are.
    A heart as strong as hers can go so far.
    She will be disappointed, she will get hurt,
    This she cannot avert.
    But I will help her understand, she cannot let evil win,
    She must always stand back up and try again.
    In a place that knocks you down,
    You mustn't let your conscience drown.

    In this world, there is beauty,
    It's just harder to see.
    Don't let the darkness hide the light,
    For in you, my dear, it shines bright.

    Stephanie G.
    Visalia Ca
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