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    understanding i wish i could but i just don't. How can you when you fell lifeless with no hope? Trying to sail threw life with no boat,trying to make it threw the storm with no coat. People think the smudge marks on my paper come from me being left handed.When really its tear drops on my canvas.I'm ready to choke this life out like god dammit,I cant stand it. i try to play the cards that was handed .even though i got a royal flush i still fall victim to life's bluff.can you do me a favor?help me understand because i cant find the should see all the scratch marks on my paper,pen ran out of ink in between letters. i kept writing didn't give up, my granny thought me better.I just cant understand,i just cant see. but that doesn't stop my belief,said a prayer for the family spreading the family ashes at sea. while i fished an drank beers with my OG. we to different people but at that time we was just two people looking for peace. everyday i fight to make the pain decrease .but yet at times it feel like its only going to increase but i promise i won't give up till i get a grip on this world an find peace.