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    Her body
    in our dark bed
    is one thing,
    in daylight
    it's another.
    Shy, shamefaced
    Insecure and gorgeous
    But that's okay.
    Tattoos cover her arms,
    bruises, burns, and scars
    I want to take them off.
    Birds on a wire
    skulls and fire
    roses, daisies
    hearts aglow,
    hide her mistakes
    of years ago.
    I've held her naked body
    but never her soul
    She doesn't trust me.
    Someday she will.

    She is so beautiful.

    And she is mine.
    It's not enough
    to be mine,
    I want to make her mine.
    Untether the screen
    that binds her,
    extract the ink
    from her veins.
    But you can't do that
    to a wounded girl,
    so I wouldn't wish it for the world.
    But what it'd be
    to lie down
    with my beautifully broken girl
    who doesn't want to hide from me.
    Until she feels
    safe in my arms.