By TeamOzone365

“He’s not smart enough.”
“He’s not good enough.”
“Look at him. He’s not ready.”

I hear them.
They are talking about me.
They keep looking at me.
Why are they looking at me?

I blink.
My vision shifts.
I don’t see them anymore.
I only see bright lights.
They are glaring.
They blind me.
They must stop, but I cannot stop them.

I blink.
My vision shifts.
I don’t see the lights anymore.
I see other people.
They are not talking about me.
They are looking at me.
Not with hate.
Not with discomfort.
These people.
They must be mad.
They do not look down on me.
They do not talk about me with disgust in their every word.
They see me as I see them.

I blink.
My vision shifts.
I don’t see those people I love anymore.
I see pain in others.
I see others who look down on me, but they are also looked down upon.
I am not alone.
I am not who they wish me to be.
I am not smart how they wish me to be.
But I am loved.
I am smart in ways different, because I know pain.

I blink.
My vision shifts.
I see those lights again, but they are not so bright now.
I dimmed them.
I dimmed them.
I see now I can make my lights not hurt so much.
But only can I do so after seeing others dim them for me.

I blink.
My vision does not shift.
In fact, I see nothing at all.
My vision has gone, and I am completely comfortable.
I know that I cannot be harmed.
Because I know they are there.
My vision is gone, but they are here and I know them.
I see them.