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  • Weird Peace, Yep!

    From start to finish,
    Rome Fortune
    and OG Maco’s
    new mixed tape, Yep
    is surly bumpy Hip Hop
    blended with a relaxed chill,
    so honest and matter of fact…
    Pay that rent! Yep, Sex!

    The tape stabs rhymes
    with bass instruments
    through those nice pipes
    the way bells
    are suppose to sound.
    Nothing gratuitous,
    and everything gels.

    Inceptive yet mature
    with a firm grip on nature.
    Yep is packed light
    with nine tracks,
    loaded with hard hitting facts.
    Short enough to focus on the importance
    of his message, in essence,
    how they feel about women, me,
    Macklemore, Miley and Iggy.

    Am I a white vulture?
    The white appropriation
    of black culture? True,
    a weird peace puts it all in jeopardy.
    Though, I thought I was in participation,
    the abomination that I am.
    I write for the rights of freedom
    and still I am not welcome—
    this doesn’t seem to be
    a negotiation.

    The truth is, I feel for anybody
    that has to sit through the shit
    of the established elite—
    same fuckers just told me
    I didn’t have enough money to pee.

    What I know about these two men
    is what they told me.
    I agree their image is clear—
    they are certainly running their sphere!
    They live in the inspiration
    of what the dailys provide,
    keeping up big beats for the iPOD…
    belonging to G-O-D.

    But, like president Clinton,
    freaks pump like a piston.
    and if you don’t inhale…
    one might as well get sucked.
    It isn’t S-E-X unless you nut.

    The Suit Case sounds slow and heavy,
    so the road sounds messy.
    Still it adds things like experience,
    polishing the music to brilliance.
    And ways to spread, personally,
    the energy; most held in reverie.

    I too, see that white guy—
    to whom they are not compliant,
    and why, on Yep, they demand a riot—
    he’s the same guy who won’t hire me.
    Life is certainly better free.
    And I do want to destroy the system.
    I am not just taking the side of the victim.
    I, too, am creating a binding dictum.