Holy moly! Good golly, Miss Molly!
Holy Christmas! Fa la la folly
Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Holiest of holies, holier than thou
Holy mackerel and holy cow

Holy rollers, holy ghosts
Whose religion offers the most?

Mullahs, rabbis, gurus, preachers
Fanatics blinding truth seekers

Fist pumping, Bible thumping
Quran wielding, beliefs unyielding

Sacrosanct and sanctimonious
Infallible? Perhaps erroneous

Is His Holiness holier than me?
We'll get to heaven, then we'll see

I'm no Prince of the Holy See
But I'm not wholly convinced
He knows more than me

Sainthood might be good
Though I don't have what it takes
To make the grade for sainthood's sake

I'm just a sinner, I'll admit
But in the name of God I wish they'd quit
The whole religious righteous bit
Allah, Jesus, and Holy Shit