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  • Unconscious Accomplice

    Unconscious Accomplice

    How many countless hours have you spent crying
    Crying cause on the inside you’re spirit is dying
    Aware of the fact that your world is imploding
    With no possible tactic left for coping

    How many times have you said I just cannot
    Cannot deal with these demons inside my thoughts
    And then proceed to beat yourself
    Proceed to deplete yourself of all respect you once had for yourself

    How many thoughts have you disregarded
    Just left to be converted into something black hearted
    Then there's an onslaught of evil
    And you try to avoid it like a needle
    But you can't
    You surrender to the abuse
    Allowing physical and mental scars to be produced

    How many times have you almost done it
    Just stood up and said I've reached my limit
    Probably never because of the anxiety
    But that's what we were taught in this society
    Just because something is wrong that doesn't mean you talk about it
    So instead you worry
    Worry about what could happen and the possibilities
    And fear the mystery of what to come
    If you declared that you're just done

    What if you could block all that out
    Just put up walls and without a doubt
    be safe from those suffocating thoughts inside yourself

    You can and you know it’s true
    But first you must learn how to accept you for you

    Embrace your quirks and traits
    Learn that you are not a disgrace
    Understand that you're not a burden on others making their daily life harder

    Once you've done that then you've won
    You've won the battle that the demons had begun