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On the other side of suicide

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  • On the other side of suicide

    I know how you were feeling,
    You told me,
    But the way that you are dealing,
    With the,
    Problems in this world don't make sense to me,
    From downstairs,
    I hear you cry.
    I run to your side,
    As a friend to help,
    Get through hell,
    I can tell,
    Just how you are feeling.
    But I don't know the half of it,
    It is like a hit,
    To the gut,
    When I feel you close shut,
    And I see your walls start to implode,
    While your feelings explode,
    At war over space in your mind,
    At the point you draw the line,
    and I hear a loud sound,
    And it resonates around,
    Inside my head as I rush to you
    I see what I have found,
    I see a chair on its side,
    Just barely out of the room,
    I see a rope,
    Just the tail of the figure of doom,
    I feel my hands shaking,
    I feel my pulse raising,
    I feel my lips saying,
    No this can't be,
    As I look in and see,
    I yell out in pain,
    And I run in and fall.
    As I hit the ground,
    I feel my soul devour itself,
    From the pain,
    Of the emptiness,
    Mixed with the loneliness,
    I've lost my light,
    In the dark,
    Now burning bright,
    Is the death of my heart,
    As I see you lifeless,
    There in my arms,
    And I want you to wake up,
    To sit up with a start,
    But I know this can't happen,
    You left me today,
    I swear to you,
    Your memory,
    Will never fade.