Konichiwa !
I am In the country that speaks English

But not my friends
All 3 of them are speaking gibberish

1 Japanese
And 2 Koreans fixing speeches

And me , 1 Russian guy - together
Till we see the finish

Not to diminish
Without language we had talk

Without any explanation
We figured what is what

We figured that we are together
And it was enough

The most honest friendship ever
Leaving it was tough

But not about that
I spent 3 mighty years

Teaching and learning from the cultures
That are furthers ever

I learned my values and my fashion
Through these awesome fellows

And hope they ve learned few things from me
I hope I gave a challenge

I hope they still remember days
When we would skip the school

And go together in dark weather
To abandoned pool

Or anywhere and converse ,
Admit it , it was cool

To know without many words
That others care for you

We spoke I mean we tried to speak
Women , parents and rules

And to surprise , without lies
Conclusions were so true

To each and everyone of us
I swear we ve shared more

Than language would have ever given
We formed each other's core

And everything we ve tried to do
We tried together too

In Japanese and in Korean
Yes, I've learned a few

And my friends weren't late , they tried
To learn my language too

So different and yet together
That is what friends do!

I hope I get to see these guys
I hope it'll happen soon

I hope they still remember times
When we where young and fools

I hope they still remember firsts
First cigarettes and booze

I hope they miss me like I do
I hope they're doing good.