You asked of me
that I put understanding into words,
that I chain myself in every aspect
like the countless lyrics which seek
an embodiment of love.
Well, I now know that all I know
is what results from the imagining
of looking through another's gaze.
To understand someone
is to grasp another understanding,
to look at a life
like it is your own entry
in a diary,
to place yourself at the centre of another's world
and ask what it means
that there is a moon as well as a sun.
You asked of me that I describe this feeling,
where I decoded someone
by imagining him or her in a locked room
and finding the key.
I learned to steer my untested sailboat
on someone else as an uncharted sea.
I whispered a name and suddenly
it had new meaning:
A definitive separation of bodies
and individuality,
that can perhaps only be bridged with the mind
through all its graces of unbecoming
to see how anyone else has become.