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  • Understanding 101

    ​Understanding needs to spread
    Like the branches of a tree
    Providing shade from the heat of summer
    Yet swaying in the breeze
    To the beat of Autumn’s song

    Understanding needs to go beyond
    Algebraic equations and laws of physics
    And grow in a person’s heart
    Like a seed waiting for the rain
    And the rays of a warming sun

    Understanding needs to look
    Beyond the innocent smile
    And search for a deeper truth
    In the words that go unspoken
    And in the bruises you may not see

    Understanding needs to spread
    To places where there’s war
    Flames that flicker and burn
    Like a raging inferno
    Leaving behind the ashes of peace

    Understanding needs to extend
    Beyond the tallest mountain
    To reach those stormy clouds
    Drops of rain that wash away
    Unanswered questions and lingering doubts

    Understanding should always spiral
    Like the snowflakes in the winter air
    A constant reminder that its beauty and power
    Can hitch a ride on the blustery wind
    Or cling to the eyelashes of our souls