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Really! Somethings are hard to understand

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  • Really! Somethings are hard to understand

    Maybe it’s the forecast, that gets me so uptight
    The chances fifty, fifty, well half of it is right
    Your called a meteorologist and not a one did land
    How the hell to keep a job, be a weatherman

    Tell me how the price of gas, changes every day
    Within a range of thirty cents, not a penny either way
    What is it that I’m supporting, if they raise the tax
    Dam I hit another pot hole, I want my money back

    Global warming, it’s turned now to climate change
    Is it still the same thing or just a word they rearranged
    Only took three blizzards and the poplar bears to mate
    Is it the cold or heat to be afraid of, or maybe it’s to late

    Wonder if my congressman, earns half of what he gets
    Maybe he should skip his pay, till the counties out of debt
    What is it they do all day, with time and money spent
    Should they call the golf course and include the President

    Utensils made in China, they use chopsticks over there
    Is cheaper always better, do we have the wood to spare
    Should we all just sit on plastic, not cut another tree
    Got a splinter in your ass, who’ll take it out, not me.

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    Ha, ha! What a humerous poem, great job! This made me laugh till my sides hurt!


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      Agreed, lighten our load Divot!


      • Jiynx Diablo
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        That's right!