There is a strange attractor lurking at the end of earthly time
That hides itself amongst the mythic realm of numbers prime
Whose dark configuration comes to me in sudden, healing blasts
Each of which the bitter durance of my weary flesh outlasts,
But if I were to perfectly decipher the elegant deceptions of that transitory code
My incessant meddling would cause this tedious reality to entirely corrode
Or else dissolve into the interstellar spaces
Where mechanistic beings build their psychedelic bases
Which everyone can glimpse during certain altered states
For that eternal presence with its sighing choirs patiently awaits
The blissful termination of all spiritual disparity
As we discover the elemental wonder of an ancient singularity.

And the tidal pull of that galactic force
Will cause our distant souls to slowly reconnect
As glowing comets are quietly ejected from their proper course
By a sacred energy that no voyeuristic satellite can possibly detect,
For once these hidden novelties have been incrementally revealed
And we begin to better understand this vibrant simulation
We will disclose uncanny truths which well known liars once concealed
Beneath a dazzling veil of solemn fascination,
For I have seen the yawning gyre tighten
As the ghostly void is swollen with its mathematic song
And felt how this enduring mystery can our intellect enlighten
When its morphic resonance is finally rendered in algorithms long.

And these incendiary waves of polarizing thought
Contain the fractal imagery that I have always sought
To poetically depict in vivid tones and lambent shades
Whose harmonic beauty from these mangled verses never fades,
And if my stumbling words become increasingly distorted
It’s because their lofty brilliance leaves my tripper’s mouth unbearably contorted
By the peculiar violence of those enigmatic factors
Whose mere existence galvanizes daunting hordes of asinine detractors
To voice their numbing list of scholarly contentions
Which all assert that this synthetic sphere has only three dimensions
Whose celestial aberrations are so impossibly profound
That only the initiated can upon their infinite complexity expound.

And I know not where that glinting object hides
Though I have sensed its dark intelligence urging me to suicidal action
For I lost myself beneath the starry depths of cosmic tides
When the universe began its irreversible contraction
To a dismal point of formless wonder
Where atoms from the desperate tug of gravity are free
And antimatter tears these quantum fields asunder
While we drift amongst the queer detritus of that transcendental sea,
For I know this teeming galaxy is folded
Like flimsy sheets of origami paper
And the mind within my mind is molded
Whenever I inhale that embryonic vapor
Which swirls around Orion’s gleaming belt
In nebulous clusters of enchanting dust
Where the sonic pulse of life is keenly felt
By those who have such eerie vagaries discussed.

And when the stubborn laws of physics pass away
We’ll finally bear witness to a marvelous display
That realigns the clouded nature of our passionate illusions
With the stunning fraudulence of even more ridiculous conclusions,
And others in their frenzied monologues may adamantly stress
That there are certain scientific laws which man must brazenly transgress,
If he is duly fated to that boundless apogee achieve
Whose pillared heights with stellar masses interweave,
And there are those who would with frantic worry tremble
At what these baleful premonitions obviously resemble,
But I am here to put your nervous hearts at ease
For in my withered hands I hold the necessary keys
Which take the form of soft, lysergic blotters
Whose terrifying potency mercilessly slaughters
The looming specter of religious lies
By covertly blessing you with esoteric eyes
To see behind the lustrous netting of that dense atomic veil
Where an astral fleet of unknown vessels sail
Beside the violet haze of icy bolides fleeing
From those devastating portents that only I am seeing,
As that undeniable attractor causes me to madly sway
And those hypnotic travelers wing their silent way
Towards that solitary region where abandoned constellations burn
And cratered moons within their failing orbits cease to tirelessly turn.

But if I could reach into the misty fathomage of our ancestral past
And behold the awful birth of this chimerical frontier
I would make that stolen moment for at least a minute last
Until I felt the mounting peril of our murdered future disappear,
For I have seen the frailty of this singular endeavor
Where divergent systems seek to gloriously merge
And know that only time endures forever
When god and man majestically converge,
And so I do not stand as one amazed
When these haughty stars refuse to properly align
For I was with a fearsome horror slightly crazed
When death became a part of my intangible design,
And while I these cunning rhymes of darkness spawn
Atop the molten peaks of mountains mystic
I know that I shall never live to see the fractured dawn
And so have recently become far less optimistic,
For I have glimpsed a hostile shadow growing
As it surges through the haunted depths of deepest space
And known that many things are not worth knowing
If they do not a higher truth embrace.