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  • Lillian

    Blue eyes
    Smart brows
    She's got a pale face
    And has faith in the human race

    When I'm sleeping
    She's sitting up
    Dressed in blue and grey
    Thinking black and white

    She's used to the pain
    She used to break
    When I woke up
    She tried to give me something for the ache

    There's water in my eyes
    And on my grateful face
    Silver strands in my hair
    Falling out like lace.
    She tells a little joke
    And my darkness slips away
    She gives me some hope
    And brightness lights my face

    She grows and she knows
    What I am going through
    She's empathetic
    Now I am too

    She's got an organic mind
    It won't dissolve in water
    Maybe sadness
    Something so much stronger
    Because her ideas are silver
    And her voice is a diamond
    She'll never sell it
    She's beautiful
    Her mind is