A gambling rambler, a one-line preamble
Line 2 in the stanza fantastically handled
New plan... try lending a hand just because,
like treating the bar to a round of applause.

But why even bother? This fine line's one-sided;
a first-come-first-serve, undeserved, uninvited
Providing the sight to the highly misguided
and guiding the blind with a light not ignited.

Such fun comes undone under tree trunks and such.
Some come one, some all, some come none or not much
Some spoke through the broken, but nobody noticed
the vocals got choked thus revoking all focus.

The end of a rope cloaked in riddles and jokes.
With punchlines that hide in an ocean of smoke,
on a post near the coast is a sign that says 'DON'T'
but the lies of the tide turns free will into WON'T.

Bandwagons abandoned on slippery slopes
the masses advance to the same sinking boat
Take note: Remember, as long as there's hope
when down you won't drown even if you don't float

So the folks get soaked in spilled intentions,
liquid slips and tips retention.
Stripped the grip on drip prevention.
Get a wrench and fix the tension.

Proof misused, new truth not final
time consuming, looming spiral
Binary time chimes pennies and dimes,
in a circle we climb behind sevens and nines

Perfected efforts go unaffected,
less gets stressed when best confesses.
Lets impress the rest with dresses,
Khaki pants and fancy guesses.

Let's head west and press for respite.
Rested messes bless the desperate.
Test for yes when no is bestest.
Leave the rest the way they left it.

Expect the exceptions.
Do not second-guess it.
Accept it. Perfect it.