Solar Sacrifice

The moons so pale
And all alone
The craters show
The damage that's been done
So desolate, dead and cold as stone
Warmed only by his love
Of the divine sun

One shines bright
The other is dim
One can only reflect light
Because there is none left in him
He endlessly chases her
Through the darkness of space
Hoping, one more time
To see her radiant face

By the stars he meets her
For a moment they collide
A beautiful symphony
The darkness and the light

But he comprehends one inescapable fact
That his eclipse only holds her back
He selfishly steels her light, so hallowed
And throws the globe under his shadow

So he breaks away from her hold
So she can now brighten up the world
For eternity he lives
Longing to see her again
Praying that her light
Will dry away the pain