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The American Scheme

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  • The American Scheme

    work long and work hard
    Women? You want equal rights?
    Will will give you the right to vote
    and the assumption that your thoughts
    and opinions have equal value as a man's
    We will take your children and raise them
    in daycares where they will become institutionalized
    at an early age and learn to serve us while you work for less pay than a man
    We will make it so that both woman and man in the household must work to survive
    And you will work and work and we will hype
    all the "things" you must have through the media which we control, this so-called
    American Dream
    so you work and work to have these "things"
    and the more you work the more taxes you will
    generate and we will feed you lies and you will

    We all are falling
    for The American Scheme