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    Isn't it peculiar,
    When we laugh instead of cry?
    Or when we stare off into the distance,
    Without blinking our eye?

    Or when we feel no pain,
    but when we witness our own blood.
    We immediately start to panic,
    Our hearts begin to thud.

    And how about the times,
    when you felt a pain so deep,
    But later found yourself,
    waking from a refreshing sleep.

    How about the bride,
    Whose groom never walked the aisle.
    But instead of crying,
    She managed to smile.

    Or of the little girl,
    Who lost everything in a fire,
    Let out a contented sigh
    Because her family was right beside her.

    Or of the angry man,
    whose blood is boiling inside him,
    Let's out a hearty laugh,
    Although his emotions are in mayhem.

    What about the father,
    Whose little girl did die.
    Whose only source of comfort,
    was to sing a happy lullaby.

    Isn't it particular,
    When we cry instead of smile?
    Or when we get that feeling,
    That inside us is a butterfly?

    And there are happy times,
    when we react in ways we don't understand.
    Like when the time you cried,
    When your love grabbed your hand.

    How about the relieved mom,
    Who has found her lost son.
    But is angry and scolds him,
    From the fear of loosing her beloved one.

    These emotions, And their expressions,
    We sometimes can not understand,
    And we react in ways,
    that we can not comprehend.
    But that is the beauty of life,
    We learn many things,
    And may not understand now,
    The benefit it brings.