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  • Cross word puzzle

    Give me a U I hope to Utilize
    Give me an N in thought to not Neglect
    Give me a D what could lead to our Demise
    Give me an E or help us stand Erect
    Give me an R when we finely Realize
    Give me an S choose wise what we Select
    Give me a T at times to Tantalize
    Give me an A in cause to some Affect
    Give me an N it can’t help but Neutralize
    Give me an D what others might Detect
    Give me an I the test of time Inscribed
    Give me an N you might find the answer Next
    Give me a G If given then you’ll you Get
    Understanding spelled backwards is hard to understand
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    Well there's is a space between the capital letters and the poem and Understanding lines up with Gnidnatsrednu at the top and bottom. but this site does it's own thing when I post.