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I Used to Think I Understood

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  • I Used to Think I Understood

    I used to think I understood
    the line dividing bad from good,
    how every action, right or wrong
    was justly placed where it belonged,

    for I possessed the pride of youth,
    that surety I knew the truth,
    but certainty, which once was mine,
    has not withstood the test of time.

    I once believed my judgments sage
    as answers spilled from page to page,
    but now my answers I've dismissed
    as questions form a longer list.

    How confident I used to be
    when I was far too young to see
    the grays that shade both black and white
    and cloud that line 'tween wrong and right.

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    I really, really like this poem! Truly a thoughtful and well written piece.

    One bit of feedback I have, would be the line "that surety I knew the truth", because it sort of broke up the flow a little the first time I read it. The funny thing is... reading that part a couple times more I understood it fully and by stretching out "surety" and emphasizing each syllable, it did flow as I'm sure it was intended, but something felt off about how it took a few reads to get there. Maybe a slight tweak there, I'm not sure, but just an observation? A great work nonetheless!


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      Like this poem. Somehow "my answers I've dismissed" didn't seem to flow---maybe the tense. Ponder this---"my answers don't exist". Good luck with the contest.


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        Hi John, I liked this poem a lot, especially since I'm at the age where I completely understand the sentiment. Beautifully written.