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If They Understood Understanding.

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  • If They Understood Understanding.

    If People Understood Understanding...

    No wars, only peace.
    World anger would soon cease.
    No suicide, only true smiles,
    And love that runs for miles.

    If they only understood,
    There'd be more good.
    No starving children,
    Imagine a world we could be living.

    Men only want to fight.
    Women are trying to hard to find their knight.
    Drugs are overtaking the people we've been mistaking.

    Teens are hiding away,
    Wishing someone would really stay.
    Everyone thinks if they smile,
    They're not feeling down inside.

    If they only understood,
    There'd be more happiness.
    We wouldn't have shootings,
    We would group together and become one.

    This nation was built under God,
    Now they're trying to take him out of public places.
    Look at all these faces,
    If we don't have God, we have nothing.

    If they only understood,
    Understanding is what it takes to be happy.
    Understanding is what it takes to compromise.
    But if you don't understand understanding, you're life must not be very outstanding.