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Understanding The End

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  • Understanding The End

    As I sat out in the field,
    I watched the wind blow gently in the grass,
    Even though sadly I knew it would never last.

    The black smoke came into view over the hills in the distance,
    A dark cloud full of acid and toxins.
    Filled with human mistakes that we have all forgotten.

    It has consumed the field now; all the plants and animals are dying.
    The light of the world is slowly fading away,
    As the darkness spreads the earth that we have betrayed.

    Our time has come to an end now as the last of life fades.
    We were warned of this dark day,
    But we ignored these warnings and now we all must pay.

    We cannot feel sorry, for it was just human nature.
    We lived our life on top as we dug our own graves,
    And now here we are, the pollution’s personal slaves.

    Life is no more on this once beautiful planet;
    For we humans have finally killed it.
    Now we will forever regret the sin we did commit,
    For we have killed off every last creature, every last bit.