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The Past Lingers; the Present Whispers

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  • The Past Lingers; the Present Whispers

    The Past Lingers; the Present Whispers
    Elizabeth Pridgen

    Walking down memory lane with a regretful heart.
    You look at me while things fall apart.

    I saw that ghost here tonight.
    His presence lingers on while I write.

    The past pulls me back into that place.
    But it’s something I can’t face.

    I know the past lingers;
    But the present pulls me with its fingers

    Sorry, past, I can't allow you to tarry
    You are too heavy for me to carry.

    "Trust me," He said.
    He left me behind instead.

    The present whispers, "Come see what's new."
    It's hard to go forward carrying the past too.

    Though, past; we must depart,
    You will remain a part of my heart.

    I just feel the past lingering,
    While the present is whispering

    Sorry past, but I choose the present.