Hearing Aries and Taurus horns interlock.Sounds like the Gemini twins
secret talk.arguing Cancer crawls ,crabs cant walk.listening to Virgo the lioness laughing at leo as She mocks." I dont like the attitude ,its not that your little Roar is bigger than Your co_k!" Ophicious Seizes Opportunity with everybodys squawk,and lets the snake slither down libras scales ,spooking Sagittarius the half horse half human with the sight of a hawk ,tipping between a hard place and the other beam a rock.Underneath hides a Scorpion Stung, suffering from shell shock. Capricorn cries "how does time make us different ,but we get along the same.only to ruffle feathers of our own flock ?" Aquarius answers "only the hour i can tell about time by the water clock.you have to understand Picies the 2 fish of the same stock,without a chain they would go their own way .setting up an emotional road block.we are all in the same space, tangled in fighing line floating by the same dock !"