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    To understand, a lot of people don't.
    A lot of people can.
    But a lot of People won't.
    And that's something you might try to understand.
    Is, why would someone not want to lend a helping hand?
    You think is it because I'm different am I not enough like you.
    Do I have too many piercings or a really bad tattoo?
    Or maybe it’s my class, and I don't make enough money.
    But when I think about it I find it kind of funny.
    I don't want to be like you, I know how to understand.
    I'm the one who knows how to lend a helping hand.
    So understand this when you pass by me and my flat tire.
    Understanding is the world’s most important desire.
    Because I know someone driving by will understand just like me.
    And they will help me out without asking for any fee.
    When your bag of groceries rips and everything falls out
    Or you have gotten into something that you can’t get out.
    You would want a passerby to lend a little support.
    Because when it comes to understanding no one should fall short.

    Poem by Kassandra Baron
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