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Fatuous's tombstone

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  • Fatuous's tombstone

    Fatuous’s tombstone

    I am Fatuous, male fairy
    out of the mind
    That now use
    The pen for lip.
    I was created
    in innocence
    Not even the one
    to use humor
    Nothing from the hip.

    No, comic relief
    reserved for
    my sidekick Inane.
    No matter.
    My innocence
    Ripped From me
    I was left
    to hang.

    Naked, every fold
    to be inspected
    tugged on,
    trying to prove
    what in their minds,
    not mine,
    was erected.

    I was soiled by their
    bigotry and prejudice
    brought in treads wiped
    at my doorstep today
    Past oppressions ignored,
    They silenced in their minds
    the stamping of a million feet
    but blood stains, don’t wash away

    foolishly thinking
    I could just be me
    Oppression always
    Resides on the contrary

    I was not allowed
    To exist
    as purely as I came
    I was forced to wear the
    name of fag
    After all isn’t it the same

    For what more can a male
    fairy be, a sinister one
    teaching kids how to be gay
    My quest was noble
    Still they struck with dagger
    bleeding my heart
    but my morals astray?

    I Desired a place for all
    where even misfits fit in
    but torches burning with hate,
    Blinded those committing the sin

    Today I will write,
    left hand holding pen
    And when they ask
    Where I have been
    Show them my tombstone