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  • Forever Alone

    How could you take such a beautiful girl.
    And tear her apart?
    How could you speak such lies.
    When she held your heart?
    I often wonder your intentions with me.
    And the plans we shared.
    Were they all but a dream?
    Optimism fled.
    And an unruly path to nowhere.
    Have you ever imagined being alone.
    Well I have.
    And it is by far the loneliest idea fathomable.
    Tell me.
    Is your idea of the matter.
    Is being alone a chance.
    You are willing to take?
    Be so as it may.
    It is not up to me.
    I side with fate.
    We are two souls floating.
    In two entirely opposite directions.
    When you look in the mirror.
    Wouldn't you enjoy seeing.
    Your other half's reflection?
    What you fail to love.
    Will never be whole.
    I write to you.
    What you've no clue.
    Try to perceive the theory.
    I've gathered in experience.
    I urge you to take the subject.
    Rather serious.
    There's nothing like an empty bed.
    There's nothing far more meaningful.
    Then a helping hand.
    There's nothing like dedication and love.
    There's nothing greater than the socialism to come.
    Join me.
    Take my hand.
    It's your preference in life.
    In which you demand.
    I couldn't imagine being alone.
    Don't tell me you can?