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Understanding: Love

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  • Understanding: Love

    I wonder what happens when skeletons of the past laughs hysterically
    Are we too complacent too see peace is a priceless commodity
    There was there was never any vows of chastity
    I don't wanna I don't wanna let the good times leave

    Oh bitter sweet honesty
    it's too hot its too hot baby
    I'm gonna let I'm gonna let
    fate play with my fantasy
    I'm the lonely one caught
    up in the need for this ecstasy

    Oh Oh this is more than my heart can take

    I cant let another man can't take my place
    it's too hot too hot to fall from grace
    The devil's revelation finally got the news
    a troubled heart will surely bruise
    please tell me I haven't been played a fool

    I can't I can't leave this crime of passion behind
    it's too hot it's too hot to these feelings
    of intimacy happens all the time

    I want you to remember that dreams that sway
    never never goes away
    When I whisper I love you in the café
    you always struggle with words to say

    Baby its to hot too hot to throw this love away

    When the taste of truth look into your eyes
    What are you trying to disguise
    Don't say don't say good bye to
    sunsets sunrise

    The key to love's longevity
    is compromise
    It's too hot it's too hot to
    forget the highs

    Ah baby look what love has done
    the exclusive ones aren't the'only
    ones who wanna have fun

    oh baby lets party until this
    hurt comes un done'
    It too hot too hot baby
    To live these sleepless nights alone
    All goodbyes all good byes aren't gone