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  • The Dragon Princess

    It was a day unlike any other day..oh a beautiful day in May

    A girl child was born to a lady and lord
    In a kingdom of Dragons that lived in a Moor.

    It was a sad kingdom full of hatred and greed, a kingdom in a great deal of need.

    The child was special and this her parents knew
    She was kind and gentle so innocent and new.

    So her destiny was set...and to live with the dragons was the fate that she met.

    The thought was to send her with beings so special as she
    To see what would happen...what good things that could be.

    At the gates wrapped in gold was where she was placed, and "Clink!" Went the lock as her parents stood dazed.

    It was as if this magical place had always been her home...a girl amongst dragons, fairies, and gnomes.

    A pure and beautiful girl
    Who would one day save the whole world.

    And as a few years had passed she had grown with the dragons....and oh my she grew fast!

    Still shrowded in innocence the girl was know only kindness, courage, and grace.

    On the backs of dragons since birth this girl flew.
    In the sky with the stars, the sun, and the moon...

    It came again that special day was the dragon princess' 7th birthday!

    Surrounded by hope this special girl knew, just what it was she had to do.

    Going back to her kingdom was first on the seven years passed there was a lot she had missed!

    As they flew in she began to see, how bad her kingdom had gotten to be.

    In the roads were sad children, poor puppies, and theives...violence errupting throughout the streets!

    To her family home she and her dragon flew,
    To find the parents that she never knew.

    But as soon as she and her dragon arrived,
    No one was there much to her surprise.

    In the moment she began to weep. For hours she cried at the dragon's feet.

    He took her up and away they flew...
    There was a lot of work they still had to do!

    Soaring fast through the air,
    They called to everybody, everywhere.

    At the center of the kingdom all together they met.
    To see this great being and the girl on his neck.

    With the courage in her soul she began to explain...
    That the kingdom was lost and needed to be saved!

    Her heart opened up and a white light shone out.
    Covering the kingdom through in and throughout.

    With her kind heart she created a ripple effect...
    ​Joining together all the people she met!

    They were now as kind and gentle as she...these were all the things that were meant to be!

    Out of the kingdom to someplace new, the girl and her dragon away they flew.

    On earth her light had always remained, her and the dragon! What a good world they had made!