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    Time to go,
    Start or stop.
    Time to be,
    What time will allot.
    Time offers anything, but not everything’s found.

    Time has a limit,
    Unlike the sky.
    Time has potential,
    But time passes by.
    Time is an open book, but the pages bound.

    Time is fickle,
    Can escape its plan.
    Time is of the essence,
    The time is at hand.

    - My first submission (The Middle Ground) was written specifically for the contest and this theme. However, I had this one in my collection that I believed was another that could be an interpretation of the "understanding" of time. So wanted to throw this one in the ring as well. Would appreciate any thoughts or feedback. Thanks.

    - Jeremy Worth (Buena Park, CA)

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      Since you asked for feedback...I find this very vague, and in that regard it doesn't speak to me. I think the poem would be stronger if you used a specific event or moment to demonstrate and/or discuss some aspect of this poem--say that "time has potential / but time passes by". Could you show this to the reader instead of simply telling them? This is just my opinion, however. YMMV.

      Edited to add: I just looked at your profile and I see that you are father of 2. That alone would give you much fodder for showing how "time passes by"--kids grow up so quickly that one day we're standing in line helping them get a driver's license when it seems like just yesterday we were walking them into kindergarten. ... Oh, now I feel old.
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        Jdg... my oldest is in Kindergarten this year, and it seems like just yesterday he was born, so no doubt that his driver's license will sneak up quick! The message was meant to be about the endless decisions we make with the use of our time and all that we can do with it, but also to address that feeling that we only have so much time, it never feels like there is enough, and we have to use it wisely. I do appreciate the feedback and this subject is definitely something I have interest in tackling again with more specific detail as you described.