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    You Still Have Your Chance to Be
    Who You Need to Be;
    Money Comes and Goes,
    What About your Family?

    I Know You
    Chasing a Dream
    Seemingly Better than Reality
    But the Gravity of the Situation
    Really Rattles Me,

    Bothers me to a Point
    If I'mma See you
    When I'm 40,
    'cause I'm only 19...
    Mainly Focused on Glory
    As I'm Sitting down wit my shorty
    Discussing our Stories,
    She Said the Future is Now;
    To Look Out for Your True Calling.

    For a Chance at the Fame
    There's No Need for Cocaine
    I'm Driving My Pen Through my Pain ,
    Picture Perfect from the Brain

    Didn't Mom Tell You
    Drugs are a Bad Habit?
    Is it Worth Tarnishing your Name
    as a Crack Addict?

    I'm Mad at the World
    for Kicking You Down
    When you Needed Help
    I Have a Niece I Barely See
    Because of How you Dealt
    With the Situation,
    Screaming Like You Hurt Yourself...
    Missing them Days when
    you Took the Time to Teach Me Well

    Big Brother.