Lunacy is a spotless mind
devoid of conflict, worry
a shallow pool of magnetic carp
inching towards emptiness
the urban dweller knows nothing of where his food lives - the food knows nothing of who it lives to sustain.
the disconnection breeds ignorance
life becomes commercialized, growth measured as a quantitative value.
Sentience means far more.
We become content to brood, to live in a controlled universe of Nova criminals.
Better to live in knowledge of atrocities
Better to live in quiet complacency
the silent majority accomplishes far less than the agitators
the depth of life is a violet hue
the depth of life is intrinsic
the depth of life is extrinsic
We are but egotists. The shade of altruism casting a blood-stain on our bejeweled huts.
The outside remains the domain of our endemic lusts
The person relapses into feral biting
gnawing, clawing, lacerations of individualism
You have sold your you.