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  • Life-threatening

    My heart is pumping,
    Tongue swollen,
    Eyes rolling to the back of my head.
    I frantically gestured,
    Epi-pen, Epi-pen,
    But they don't understand.

    A boxy white vehicle
    Comes to pick me up,
    But my remedy,
    Is right there.
    So I frantically gesture,
    Epi-pen, Epi-pen,
    But they don't understand.

    My mother is right there,
    I lay beside her,
    My throat is tighter,
    Tears stream down my swollen face,
    And I think,
    Epi-pen, Epi-pen,
    But no one can hear.

    She tells them,
    I have been very ill,
    And it's true.
    But she didn't see
    The cause of my,
    So I scream in my head,
    Epi-pen, Epi-pen!
    But no can hear me.

    They think that something else is wrong,
    Something else is the matter,
    So we continue to the hospital.

    The hospital,
    We arrive outside the doors,
    the building standing tall,
    And so I think,
    Maybe I don't need my Epi-pen after all.
    No Epi-pen, No Epi-pen,
    And now,
    I'm dead.
    Last edited by AnotherHumanBeing; 10-31-2014, 12:24 AM. Reason: I forgot to put tags on my poem so I decided to edit this post.