Harboring this vessel is where no eye lies in waiting vision
A divergence, so left never beyond this mirrored glass
Is one side dark? what does one side see if there came another.
Inside this vessel where no one can touch, hold your hands on cold

See, by vision where we, who we are not, not who we are, see ourselves
where only a sight, pierce beyond this horizon,
Planes no longer 3 dimensional, on at our right, our left, the corners, our wrong
No longer severed, yet transcends to a singularity

look at me, hear me, my hands, closer, take your hands inside
too far… break this layer... though you are not in my threshold
curved metal caress burning vines, Black, red, yellow, blue, white
You see another sight through broken glass, different, though this is not me.

Never witnessed, always heard, always thought, always existent, forever made
To us, never true, never to meet as coexisted, elusive, unsure,
repugnant, adored

This is us, we see us, all this was made by us
Yet is not us
This is reality
Is it our reality
It is not your reality

So here I am, always here I am, never have I been not,
Continuously made (not finished)... So transcend goodbye our butterfly
Flutter your wings a new
Us we bid adieu