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  • Not as Okay

    I think it's rather obvious
    That I'm not as okay as I say.
    But I can't tell him that.
    So when he asks what's wrong, I say with a grin,
    "Nothing, what could be wrong? Why do you ask?"
    I doubt that he ever looks into my eyes
    And sees the dark, pensive thoughts swirling
    In a chaotic, brown-green sea.
    For if I mask my doubts and fears with a smile,
    Why would he feel the need to look further?
    So busy with work and play
    And me
    That I don't blame him.
    But still I wait,
    Dreading, yet hoping,
    For the time he sees through my mask.

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    Yes! "Dreading, yet hoping" spectacular use of words! I can totally relate! And not just with this one, but with a lot of your work! How come nobody's replying to any of your poems?
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    • Sammy B. E. T'hy'la
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      Thank you!!!!!!! =D =D I'm glad you like it!
      I don't know, I love feedback but I suppose some people just don't like commenting. When I first joined fanfiction I logged out to leave a review or PMed then.

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    I love your poem! It has a great choice of words.


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    Totally, Sammy B. E. T'hy'la. People should read your poems more often. Make yourself known!


    • Sammy B. E. T'hy'la
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      Coolio! Name on there is currently WhoIsThatPointy-EaredAuthor (I plan on changing it soon).
      You bet I read fanfics! I write some, too. Do you?

    • Jiynx Diablo
      Jiynx Diablo commented
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      Oh God! TOTALLY! I add a little to my story everyday!
      I'll give you the details in Private Messages.

    • Sammy B. E. T'hy'la
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      Sounds like a plan!