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Finding New Love

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  • Finding New Love

    From the beginning tones that echo alone will be lost already,
    while tones working together create a beautiful melody

    To be caught in the wave that's swept you away before,
    to be brought into another mystery never knowing what's in store

    When waves of emotion crash inside swelling below,
    always bringing me so high when some days I'm so low

    To hold me in warmth and gentle embrace,
    I never feel lost I know my own place

    In that heart of yours to connect with your soul and your mind,
    Don't you understand? Love's always been blind

    Since the beginning when it attacks us with that mysterious sensation,
    those butterflies inside having been waiting inside for your temptation

    You promise me a love that seems so perfect,
    we'll always be happy without any defect?

    I'm sorry but love is blind and attacks the wrong hearts,
    my heart has been broken in pieces...completely torn apart

    Can't you see these walls I've built?
    how do you know the passage straight through?
    You've walked into my fortress to set everything on tilt
    You've reached my furthest loneliness and came out as two.

    How can I trust someone so easily again?
    How can I know my heart's safe just on a bargain?

    I'm at my lowest to be broken down,
    My most vulnerable inside and yet here you come around

    Promising love as if it can just be thrown around with free written on it,
    I'm confused, lost, hurt all over, crying inside, with wrists ready to be slit

    Please don't promise me things that you know you can't give,
    cause I've been hurt so bad I just don't know if I'll live

    How am I supposed to be finding new love with these thoughts in my head,
    how do I find my someone when I'm starting to feel as if love is dead

    How do I do these things and set everything right,
    how do I stop worrying about life so I can sleep at night?

    How do I keep from crying when I think about love,
    How do I keep from always looking down and start looking above?

    How do I stop thinking of how useless I've been,
    How do I make it through these wars and manage to win?

    I don't know these answers to these questions I ask,
    or why everyday I feel like I have to wear a mask

    I guess a lot of thoughts flood my mind when I worry too much,
    just know I ask myself this with my heart in a clutch

    I'm still lost in my loneliness and I honestly prefer it,
    than braving the same bridge I took before in flames it was lit.

    Don't judge my decisions until you've felt my pain,
    and when you've felt it inside you'll understand that nothing remains

    I guess for finding new love I don't think I'm ready,
    I'll keep my heart in it's fortress until I find my melody...

    - Michael Rodriguez