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  • Unmasked

    Mask fell off and you can't believe

    That what you've been seeing wasn't the real me

    And you don't understand, you can't comprehend

    What happened to the girl you used to call your best friend

    It seems she disappeared a long time ago

    When the depression set in, making her hit an all time new low

    When the walls started to cave along with her mind

    Down went the alcohol causing her to unwind

    As the pressure kept building, her self esteem did drop

    Any chance of being loved ceased, it suddenly stopped

    And after realizing the future would never get brighter

    Her voice grew louder as her cares grew quieter

    Now here we are, yes, this is who I am

    You've finally seen the real me with just the flip of a hand

    Hatred and sadness and confusion and desperation

    All so unlike me that you think you're mistaken

    But take a good look, take her all in

    Welcome to the show, it's about to begin

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    Enjoyed the read. Well written!


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      Sounds exactly like something I would write. Great minds write alike!!!!😄