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  • Lessons of Love

    It's like I'm reading her in braille,
    In the dark, behind a veil.
    I trace the tiny dots to no avail, and I fail
    To understand what's happening.
    Why is this so challenging?
    The situation's maddening, and yet
    With just a little of her loving, I forget.

    Why is it that she and I
    Are never more than getting by;
    Why is everything we do so do or die? We try
    to rise above the problematic;
    Move the dial beyond the static;
    Bring what's hiding in the attic out,
    And try to learn a little bit about...

    These unending questions;
    Desires or obsessions?
    A curse or a blessing?
    I'm still second guessing.
    I leave her a message;
    A show of affection,
    But every progression
    Reverses direction;
    Advancing, regressing,
    Combating, caressing,
    We're learning the lessons of love.

    Let's give it some time and see where it takes us,
    See if it saves us, bends us, or breaks us.
    See if the aches that we feel will reveal what's essential;
    See if mistakes that we make will awake our potential.

    I never seem to find the way,
    What to do, or what to say,
    To make it so that everything will stay o.k.
    Why is it so challenging
    To understand what's happening?
    The situation's maddening, and yet
    With just a little of her loving, I forget.

    When loving expression
    Becomes the exception,
    And every confession
    Gets used as a weapon;
    In seeking perfection,
    We lose our direction,
    The only concession:
    The court's still in session.
    So tighten the dressing;
    Apply the compression,
    We're learning the lessons of love.

    I'm laying in bed with this weight on my chest,
    It won't let me up, and it won't let me rest.
    No need to get dressed; I don't think that she'll be returning.
    It's just another failed test in these lessons of love that we're learning.