The Divine Comedy of Errors - Joseph Cannizzo Jr. - Mays Landing, NJ

Divine Spark of Life – Climaxing Wife
An Unwelcomed Surprise – A Test Between Thighs
The Mother, Bereft – The Father, He Left
A Child to Bear – With Nobody There
A Mother’s Son – The Mother’s Gun
Baptized in Blood – The Innocent Bud
The Child, Alone – In a Nunnery Thrown
The Future Recast – Unaware of the Past
Raised by Nuns – Yet Religion, He Shuns
A Troubled Youth – Not Knowing the Truth
They Pray for His Soul – Or at Least for Control
Yet He Lashes Out – Deviously Devout
To Crime and to Sin – And the Pleasures Therein
Yet a Question Persists – Why He Exists?
What is His Worth – Not Knowing His Birth?
Raised to be Nice – But Longing for Vice
Internal Crisis – Infernal Crisis
Damnation Fear – Vocation Clear
Seminary School – To Live by Their Rule
He’d Find His Place – While Pursuing Grace